Tips to Remember of Dating

download-32We are all in the quest for love. Some looking for “the one” in the dance floor. Some are lucky enough to find their life partner already. Some are still in the games, hunting for the potential mate.Why not try speed datingfor a change? We have useful tips for you to remember.

Speed dating was invented by a Rabbi named Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorrah, a Jewish orthodox organization in Los Angeles, California in 1998 to help young Jewish singles to mingle. Countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom organizes speed dating events to help hopeless romantics find love at first sit. Yes, you have read it right. It is to find love at first sit. In a set location with multiple seats, opposite sex will interact one-to-one within 3 to 5 minutes. When the time is up you go to the next seat to entertain another until you have met every participant. It is the ultimate 50 first date experience or less.

If you have never been to a speed date before you can contact your local event hosts or visit the following top websites for speed dating:

List of online dating sites

Unlike online dating, in speed dating, you get to meet them in person so you have to keep in mind these following tips to enjoy the experience:

1. Dress to impress

Make a good first impression that will last. Physical appearance plays a great role in the dating scene. This can be used as the checklist for nay or yay for some. Always make sure that you look fabulous and comfortable. Your outfit should reflect your personality. Choose a dress that will boost your confidence and flaunt your asset.

2. Show up on time

The old adage the early bird gets the worm may or may not be applicable with speed dating. If you are referring for the worm as your mate, being early does not necessarily give you the advantage of getting one. But attending on time is a must. Registration and making friends with the host can help you scan the place as well as the event itself. You have to make yourself comfortable with the activity you are joining in especially if it’s your first time and not be awkward. Pre-event preparation is the perfect time to ask questions you have in mind and resolve the doubts inside your head before you consider getting out of there.

3. Questions and light conversations

Use appropriate and light conversations within a few minutes. Questions will filter your compatibility. You can talk about your interests, hobbies, food but not the basics – where you work, where you are residing at the moment. You will have these information in the right time, after the event based on the result and recommendations of the organizers. Avoid asking questions you will get no fruitful answers from, the yes or no type.

4. Do not reveal too much information

Beware of stranger danger! You do not want to end up having a creepy stalker or worse a psycho. Delving into a deep conversation is impossible to happen so don’t give away too much information. Date smart and be safe.

5. Take mental notes.

Observe their body language and take mental notes of what you see, hear and feel. Pay attention to their grooming, clothing and over-all appearance. You don’t have to be judgmental about it. All you have to do is consider what is important to you. If you want a person who is presentable and pleasant-looking, check out their nails or teeth or what makes you go OCD the most.

Are you dream about a men

download-31I personally know some success coaches that would tell you that it’s easier to attract money than it is to attract your dream partner.

Well, I disagree with that, because if I were to believe it, it would be like believing that the law of attraction is partial when it’s not.

The law of attraction works the exact same way whether we are looking to attract something or not.

All the law of attraction responds to is what you align with.

What you focus on.

And whether it’s money, the perfect partner, or troubles you and me are able to attract those things as soon as we’re focusing on them long enough.

As soon as you align yourselves with it, with your thoughts and emotions, you’re attracting it.

Now that you know this, are you ready to attract the man of your dreams?

How to Attract the Man of your Dreams

During my 10 years of studying and consciously applying the law of attraction in my life as well as teaching it to my clients, I’ve managed to go from a pretty miserable life to a life of dreams.

But what changed?

Yet, I am the same person.

Yes, that’s right and that’s good news because it means that if I could do it, you can do it too.

Because while being the same person I had to apply my own medicine to myself first. I had to learn how to change my thoughts, feelings and habitsto shape each area of my life the way I wanted it to be, not the way it simply happened by default.

With time I’ve learned that by doing these three things I could change my world completely.

And guess what? I did.

After a lifetime of attracting the worst partners whether I was married to them or just dated them. Today, not only do I attract a completely different kind of men, but I help women do the same.

Here are 7 Steps that you need to go through to change your relationship life:

1) Become aware
“Without awareness, there’s no healing” (My own quote).
What has been your relationship story? There is not healing without becoming aware of what the problem is.

2) Go back to the beginning
All your answers are found at the beginning. At the root of your story and you need to go there to find out why you are attracting the type of men you’re attracting now.

3) Analyze your beliefs
Henry Ford’s quote “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t you’re right” is true for everything, including relationships.
You must analyze your beliefs when it comes to your relationship pattern.

4) Write your new story
One of the best ways to let the universe know what you want is by writing it down. So write down what you want the man of your dream to be. How does he make you feel?

5) Heal yourself
Before you search for your dream man, make sure that you heal you first, because if you don’t you might still fall into the same pattern.

6) Be Hard to get
One of the worst mistakes women make when they are looking for love is to get into a desperate mood type feeling and give the wrong signals to the great potentials that come their way.

If you are looking for a great man, you must be hard to get.

Are you over the bearing type

images-10Sometimes referred to as over-protective, demanding, motherly, smothering or stalker – these are the emotional ties that choke a relationship and do NOT create strong bonds. Each of these characteristics can be plotted on a line from demanding through stalking, with each taking its own place on the continuum. The least offensive is demanding behavior and the most dangerous is stalking.

It is interesting that it is often the woman who is demanding in a relationship and the man who becomes the stalker. But each of these characteristics can doom a relationship from the start, and sometimes create an environment in which violence erupts. It’s important to recognize the signs up front and get out while the getting is good.

People who are demanding will often have a difficult time understanding or “seeing” your point of view in the discussion. Each conversation revolves around their concerns, questions, problems and daily activities. You soon will tire of their self-centered attitude and find it difficult to attach emotionally.

Women may also find themselves getting into a motherly or smotheringbehavior pattern in which you track your SOs every movement and try to meet their every need, without ever being asked. Do you find yourself bringing over plants to decorate their apartment? Do you bring meals over unannounced? Do you call at all hours of the day and evening? Do you interrupt the poker game to bring over flowers for the table?

If you find yourself developing those behaviors then it’s time to get help. Your SO may mention them or they just might bug out without ever having a conversation with you. If you are willing to have an honest and open conversation about what went wrong you could get clues to improve the odds that your next relationship won’t end in disaster.

The feelings that guide you to those over-bearing and smothering behaviors are usually driven by fear of being alone or the desire to please. In either case, a mature relationship is built on trust and the coming together of two whole individuals who may struggle with more minor character flaws but are more secure in who they are and what they have to offer the other person.

Stalking behavior is on the extreme end of the spectrum. According to Victims of Crime, partner stalking is the largest category of stalking cases with between 4.8% and 14.5% of women resporting they had been stalked by an intimate partner. (1) The National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center report that 8% of women and 2% of men have been stalked at some time during their life and that most stalking is done between people who know each other. (2)

It all boils down to trust in the relationship. Where trust exists with two people who do not bring emotional damage to a relationship, there is a greater chance for success and emotional intimacy. (3) Without trust the rest of the relationship crumbles around a foundation built on shifting sand.

Demeaning to women everywhere

Recently, the American public was disgusted and horrified by the despicable lewd and vulgar remarks about women which were made by Donald Trump.

The remarks were uttered during appearances on Access Hollywood and the Howard Stern Radio show. They were discovered by the Washington Post and CNN.

In the video clips and tapes, Trump indicated his desire to sleep with a married woman and his rights to make sexual advances to women given to him by his stardom status.

The remarks proved beyond any doubt his immaturity and his disrespect for women. They came from a man who should be an exemplary model for others, especially youngsters, to follow. They are issued by an individual who is seeking to occupy the highest office in one of the most powerful nations.

There are no logical explanations to justify Trump’s disgusting behavior. His unacceptable conduct led most of the prominent members of the Republican Party to withdraw their support of his candidacy. Several withdraw their endorsements and few explicitly expressed their views that he should drop out of the race and be replaced by Mike Pence.

Nevertheless, during the second presidential debate, he defiantly rejected their suggestion of him dropping out of the race and minimized the significance of the withdrawal of endorsements by important members of his party.

Furthermore, he tried to deflect the issue by focusing on the infidelity of Bill Clinton.

Some may suggest that the incident is an American matter that concerns the citizens of the USA. However, his boorish behavior toward women is demeaning to women everywhere.

Despite the outrage that followed the disclosure of the remarks, Trump issued a faint apology in which he attempted to justify his ludicrous and disgusting remarks by stating that they were spoken in locker room banter during private conversations long time ago.

He, also, attempted to redirect the wrath of anger toward Bill Clinton, the husband of his opponent by stating that Bill Clinton issued worse remarks during their golf games.
All leaders of our world, especially that of the USA, have moral responsibility to condemn the remarks and assure their female citizens that those remarks are issued by a man who has showed on several occasions that he lacks the maturity to appreciate and respect members of the gentle gender.

They should use their influence, with their native citizens who reside in the USA and have the right to vote, to insure that such a boorish and crude man will never hold a public office including the presidency of the USA.

Moreover, the USA should issue a sincere apology to women everywhere for being insulted by one of its citizens.
Women organizations worldwide must issue statements to express their horrific reactions to the remarks.

Citizens worldwide ought to boycott his television programs as a minimum punishment for his disrespect for women and treating them as sexual objects.

The media venues worldwide must condemn the remarks in order to instill assurances within their readers that such conduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated regardless of the status or the nationality of the individual who commits such a conduct and behave in an undignified manner.

How To Seduce Women

You see it all the time in movies and read it in books, a confident man seduces a younger or older woman with ease. How do they do it? Is it all fiction? The truth of the matter is that you can learn how to seduce women with relative ease. All you have to do is make sure that you are looking into the right options overall. There is a trick to this solution, and it starts with figuring out what you want. Do you want to seduce a lot of women? Or do you want just one? Whatever the case is, make sure that you take a look at a few tips and tricks below to help you along the way.

Carry Yourself With Confidence

Learn to stand up straight. Dress nicely, and wear cologne. Make sure that you are not looking sloppy, and make sure that you always smell nice. Even if inside, you are not sure what you’re doing, and you are somewhat panicked, don’t let anyone know that. You have to be able to command attention, and focus on moving forward with anything that you’re doing. This takes time, but you can go this route if you just practice, and continually remind yourself of your own personal greatness. This is a major key to learning how to seduce women.

Buy Flowers For Women

Want to really get their attention? Buy them flowers. Seriously, buy a woman a bouquet of flowers and they’ll have you on their mind all day. The goal here is to get their attention so that they know you’re thinking of them, and are a gentleman. In the note card, put your name and then ask a question. Something simple goes a long way, like, “will you go on a date with me?”. Be prepared to show them the time of their lives, so think outside of the box. They don’t want to go, they’ll let you know, so don’t worry. Flowers work most of the time, so test it out and see what happens. Buying flowers can at least show you whether or not you’relearning how to seduce women.

Don’t Rush Sex

For those that are struggling to learn how to seduce women, you should slow down. Even if you’re kissing and things seem to be moving forward, pause things. Use your self-control and avoid having sex too soon. Make them want it more, and just give them a little taste here and there. Eventually they will pounce, and you’ll have them seduced with ease. In these modern times, someone that waits to have sex is rare especially when there’s mutual attraction. Pull it in a little, and you’ll get them wanting you more than ever.

How to Make Shopping Malls Made Easier

Millions of people will go to a mall today. Among them will be single ladies. If your goal is to get more dates, then you have better get to the mall. Now, there are different times of day that you should go there. If you’re older than 18, don’t go after school, try to go during school hours, and try to make sure that you’re not going into shops and areas that are frequented by teenagers. That’s going to be a tough one for you. For others, this is fine, but if you’re over 18, be careful when trying to learn about meeting girls in shopping malls.

Find Similar Interests

You want to visit stores where women go, but that aren’t necessarily sexy. For instance, you don’t want to go to Victoria’s Secret and hang out. But you could go to a place like Hot Topic, which may have women that are into pop culture. Of course, there are other stores, but that’s just a quick example. Look for stores that have clothing for men and women, and try to keep an eye out for those that are shopping alone. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of stores where you can work on meeting girls in shopping malls.

Get Their Phone Number

When you see a woman that is shopping alone, just approach her. Say hello, and compliment them quickly. If they are approachable and smile back, ask for their phone number. Chances are they will either say yes or no. If they say no, wish them well and go away. If they say yes, then simply ask when a good time to call is, and leave. You don’t want a long conversation here, you simply want to get in and get out. Later on, depending on what they tell you about a good time, call them.

Get Coffee

The sure fire way that you’re going to need to consider when meeting girls in shopping malls is simple, they usually visit a coffee shop. Whether it’s for tea or mixed drinks, women love going to these locations. That’s where you can hang out and end up meeting someone. Ask to buy someone a drink, or better yet, get in line ahead of them and buy their drink outright. You’ll find that a great conversation starter can be simply buying someone a drink. You’ll be surprised how quickly this can work, assuming that the person is single.

Meeting girls in shopping malls is not hard. It’s just a matter of going out and being bold. The rewards of being bold are going to shine on you if you just ask. Don’t be scared, don’t be nervous, simply ask women out at the mall. Someone’s bound to say yes.

Build Your Childs Self Esteem Tips

How to build your child’s self esteem. Self-esteem is about liking who we are, and how we value ourselves. It is how we perceive our value to the world and how valuable we think we are to others. Self-esteem affects our trust in others, our relationships, our work, and nearly every part of our lives.

For children, it comes from knowing that they’re loved, accepted, secured and that they belong to a family that values them. It’s often been said that children learn what they live. So if you’re looking for a place to start helping your child build positive self-esteem and self value, then you should show them your positive sense of self and strong self-esteem. Be positive when you speak about yourself and highlight your strengths. This will teach your child that it’s okay to be proud of their talents, skills and abilities.

“Self-esteem is your child’s passport to a lifetime of mental health and social happiness. It’s the foundation of a child’s well-being and the key to success as an adult. At all ages.” Ask Dr. Sears

Your child also benefits greatly from honest and positive praise. Find something about them to praise each day. You could even give your child a task you know they can complete and then praise them for a job well done after they’re finished. Give her/him compliments as often as possible. Whenever they do something right, you can say: “I am very proud of you”, “you are very special”, or “I like the way you have done it”. Show your child that a positive act merits a positive praise.

When your child’s feeling sad, angry or depressed, communicate openly, honestly and patiently with them. Listen to them without judging or criticizing. They may not fully understand why they feel the way they do, so the opportunity to communicate with you about it may be what’s needed to help them sort through a difficult situation. Suggest positive behaviours and options as solutions, and make sure to leave that door of communication open so they know the next time they feel badly, they can come to you for help and know that you won’t judge or punish them for how they’re feeling.

“Discipline is helping a child solve a Problem. Punishment is making a child suffer for having a problem. To raise problem solvers, focus on solution not retribution.” ― L.R. Knost

Teach your child a sense of purpose, the importance of setting goals and developing a plan to meet that goal and complete that task. Your child should have goals that give him/her purpose and direction and an avenue for channelling his/her energy toward achievement and self-expression. Small projects are the best to start off with in the beginning. Ensure that it’s an appropriate task for your child, and not too complex. Don’t only give praise at the end of the project, but praise their accomplishments during the project as well.

“Self-esteem is the real magic wand that can form a child’s future. A child’s self-esteem affects every area of her existence” ― Stephanie Marston

Give your child a sense of responsibility, a chance to show you what he/she is capable of doing. Let him/her to engage in tasks without being checked on all the time. This shows trust on your part, a sense of letting go.

Be proud of your child, and let her/him know that how proud and fortunate you are to be her/his parents. Never compare your child to others saying, “Why aren’t you like Mary?” And when others make such comparisons, make sure that your child knows she/he is special and unique in her/his own way.

Most importantly, tell your child “I love you” each and every day. Show love and affection to your child many times throughout the day, in fact. All our dealings with our children, starting from infancy, should be done with a lot of affection and love. A baby who is dealt with love and affection will get a subconscious feeling that she/he is worthy and important enough to be loved. When they’ve behaved badly or have done something negative, remind yourself that it’s not them you don’t like, only their behaviour. Criticize their actions, not them, say to your child, “You are such a good and special child, you should not be engaging in such an activity,” instead of saying, “you are a bad child”. Tuck short, sweet and loving notes in their lunchboxes or coat pockets, or even send them a card in the mail. Soon, they’ll learn to say “I love you” just as easily and honestly in return.

All about the women think about men

If one was to go online and to look for information on the women’s movement, they are likely to come across all kinds of views and opinions. In fact, this could also take place if one was to simply find people who were part of this movement in their local area.


For example, if one is a student, there is a strong chance that there will be a society that they can go and visit. This will give them the chance to listen to what women (and men) have to say when it comes to their views and experiences.

One could then decide to move onto something else, or they could end up going there on a regular basis. As to whether they go back again can all depend on if they agree with what is being said.

Their Experience

This could be a time where one feels as though they can relate to what the people in this group go through. The way they experience life is then going to be validated and they will want to come back again.

At the same time, one could go there with an open mind, and then before long, they could end up going along with what is being said. One was then receptive to what they were hearing and this allowed them to soak it up.


If one was to just browse the web instead, they could still end up wanting to become part of this movement. It could be said that it doesn’t matter what route they take; what matters is what they are looking for and if they are easily influenced.

As if they can relate to what is being expressed, it won’t be necessary for them to go to a society. What they read about online will pull them in and that will get the ball rolling, so to speak.

A Common Outlook

Through being exposed to this information online or through being around other people who have these views, one could hear that all men hate women. Based on this, all men are going to be seen as ‘misogynists’.

This could be something that one goes along with, or they might find it hard to believe. If one goes along with it, there is going to be no reason for anyone to prove that this is the case; it will just be seen as the truth.

Stepping Back

When one doesn’t go along with this outlook, it doesn’t mean that they will turn their back on this movement. Instead, one could still go along with it and identity with the other views that they have.

Alternatively, this could be enough to make them take a step back and to take a deeper look into what is going on. One might begin to wonder how a woman can believe that all men hate women.


Still, if one was to ask one how they came to this conclusion, it doesn’t mean that they will be short of evidence. This could be something that is supplied through talking about certain areas of society, or they could go online and show them different sources, amongst other things.

Either way, one could find that the women who say that all men hate women are not always the most emotionally stable human beings. They may also see that a lot of them are filled with hate and anger themselves.

The Mind

However, when one believes something, and their emotions are out of control, it can be more or less impossible for them to see life differently. This is because human beings are not simply observers of their reality, they are co-creators.

Therefore, if one believes something, it can stop them from seeing anything that goes against what they believe. Yet, if one is unaware of how this works, they are going to believe that what they see proves that they are right.

Both Ways

Said another way, this is the same as one planting a seed and then watching the seed grow. When it comes to what grows after, one will know that it’s because they have planted it; they are not going to be surprised by what is taking place.

On the other hand, when it comes to how one perceives life, they can be completely oblivious to the fact that their experiences are mirroring back what they have planted in their own mind. This is why one can end up being victimised by their own believes, or what they are not willing to face within themselves, for example.

Talk about a guy

They say that nice guys finish last, and guess what? They do. If you’re going to move forward with a woman, you need to learn some tips to stop being Mr. nice guy. Without knowing these things, you are going to get left in the friend zone forever. If you’re interested in a woman and you want to get with her, you will need to shake off the stench of being just “nice”. If you do that, you will get with her and stay with her. This is something that takes a bit of time, and it’s going to give you the upper hand as you more forward through the dating world. The following are some tips that can help you achieve this progression.

Take Time For Yourself

Do not just be waiting around for her to call you. In fact, make plans, and stick to them. Make plans, share them with her and then go do them. Do not wait for her to call to make plans, don’t wait for her to try and do things, you should be doing things on your own. Remember, you are an independent person and you are not a beggar. Too often guys wait for someone to call, or to give them some action. Don’t be that guy. Instead, do your own thing, go to museums, coffee shops, read books at libraries, and just be on your own without her. Even if you really want to be with her, don’t let her see it or you will be too nice.

Don’t Fight With Her

Do you really want to stop being Mr. Nice Guy? Then don’t fight. Seriously, don’t fight with her, instead, let her vent and then walk away. When she confronts you, tell her you’re not interested in a manipulation or discourse of anger. She’ll fume, she’ll want to talk it out, she’ll get mad, and you’ll look like a bad guy. But she will think about it and later apologize. That’s when you will accept her apologies, but you will be busy doing something else. Just don’t fight while trying to figure out stop being Mr. nice guy.

The biggest thing that you need to remember about all of this is simple, you need to be independent. Do not let her control or run your life. You need to be your own person, to a fault. You want her to join you in your life, you don’t want to lay down yourself for hers, because that’s a sign of weakness. Women will run you over if you let them. There’s give and take in marriage and relationships, but if you’re not there yet, don’t let that become your fault. Figuring out stop being Mr. nice guy is tough, but it needs to be done.

How to Past And Forgive Yourself

“In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” ~ Deepak Chopra

There is no life without emotional scars; no one escapes flawless; no one can claim perfection without committing mockery upon himself. Jesus, the great example of humility for mankind, said, “Let him who hast not sinned cast the stone”

We have all made mistakes in our lives. We are all scared. In my life there have always been lots of physical scars. But as I grew older and wiser, I saw in people; sometimes in myself; signs of inner distress. So much sufferings, hurt feelings, confusion, guilt. So many people are holding grudges, submerged with bitterness, feeling inferior and worthless. I thought of these as scars, as emotional scares. But these emotional scares, I came to see, were so much deeper than physical scares, much more painful. We cannot avoid the scares; there is no escape from mistakes, quarrels, and misunderstandings to which human beings are prey. But we can treat them from a mature point of view. There is a clue in Bible, “when I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away my childish things”. We cannot adopt a child’s approach and ask for magic that will make all our troubles and grievances disappear. We must handle them maturely. “I define emotional maturity as the ability to make good, positive, healthy choices during the challenges of life” Roger K. Allen

Here is how we can deal and live with them maturely:

1- Forgive past hurts. We have to learn to forgive our past mistakes, the unwise decisions we have made, the foolish things we have said, the times that we have let ourselves down, the times we have let friends down. We must stop torturing ourselves for the lack of wisdom when we needed it, for our cautiousness when we should have been bold, for our boldness when we should have been cautious. We must forgive the times when we lost our temper over trifles, failed to stand up for our rights when we should have, stepped on other people’s toes with our insensitive remarks, given into the inconsiderate egotism that is so much a part of human nature. For there is great sweetness in forgiveness; it is the balm for the scars of life. Without it there will be no quiet room in our minds to escape to for peace; there will be only a room rattling with tension. Once we learn to forgive ourselves, then we be able to forgive others. Too many people waste their time obsessed with hatred for those who have hurt them. Isn’t it time to forgive and forget? Then you can move on making each day a life in itself, living, loving, challenging. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. ~Paul Boes

2- Live in the present. When we aren’t being present we become a victim of time. Our minds are pulled into the past, the future, or both. The fact is that the past doesn’t exist and neither does the future. The only true reference point we have to existence is a feeling of presence, of being here in this body, of seeing the world through these eyes. “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” ~ Buddha. When we spend our time thinking and regretting about the past, or worrying over what is to come, which may or may not happen, then we will only be wasting precious days we will wish in the future we could have cherished more. Being present helps us appreciate the simple moments of life, calms us down during times of stress, and helps us to be more focused.

3- Define Your Vision. We all have to know what we want, and what is important to us in life. Some people have a clear vision of their heart desires and dreams early in life, but for some of us the vision is unclear and the path difficult to find. In order to lead a life on a purpose and vision, we have to follow our passions and succeed in our dreams. We need to restore within our lives those moments of quiet reflection, those peaceful times of awareness where we can actually hear our own voice, have our own thoughts, and let them have time to go somewhere. We have to stop, become quiet, listen to our heart and think. And then we will be able to seize our vision, our direction, and clarity. “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.” ~ Carl Jung

4- Accept and embrace reality. Life is unpredictable. Nothing is permanent, everything changes; and a lot of things can happen that can transform who we are and have an impact on our lives. The point is that we need to develop the skill to simply accept whatever comes and embrace it. We create suffering by not accepting reality. “We need to develop the habit of looking at whatever happens through a positive mindset instead of a negative and defeatist one”. By practicing acceptance we prepare ourselves to accept reality and live in this changing world, where we never know what’s going to happen next. Acceptance is like protecting ourselves with our own shields. The truth is that we can’t change the reality, even if we try. No amount of complaining or over thinking will make any difference when something unpredictable happen. So instead of getting worried or distressed, we need to choose to accept and live with reality.

ApologizeTips When Another Person Is Offended

While someone might have the desire to speak their mind, it doesn’t mean that they will end up doing so. If one was to take a step back and to reflect on why this is, they could find that it’s because they don’t want to lose other peoples approval.

Fitting In

Their priority is then going to be to go along to get along, and their truth will end up being overlooked. It will then be normal for one to lose themselves in the hope that other people will respond to them in a positive manner.

In general, this might be something that works for them, but this doesn’t mean that they are going to be happy about the direction their life is taking. Even so, it is going to be important for them to make sure that people don’t realise this.


Their need to express their truth is not simply going to disappear though, as this part of them will cause them to experience conflict. And while one could stay in touch with this part, they could end up disconnecting from it.

If they usually hide it when they are around others, it could mean that they will be in touch with this part when they are in their own company. This could then be a time when they are angry and frustrated.


One is then going to be only too aware of what they feel as they do; however, if they are not in touch with how they feel, they are likely to have a different experience. This could be a time when they have the inclination to feel depressed or low, for instance.

But if they are out of touch with themselves, they could find it hard to understand why this happens. What they are going through could be attributed to something else that is going on in their life, or seen as being caused by their genetics, amongst other things.

Inner Change

If one is in this position, it is going to be in their best interest to change what is taking place within them so that they are no longer concerned about pleasing others. This could be a time when they will need to change what they believe, and they may even have some emotional work to do.

Still, the work that they do will enable them to express themselves, and this will stop them from having to ignore their need to speak their truth. This doesn’t mean that one will always be able to speak their mind when this happens, as there are bound to be times when this won’t be the right thing for them to do.

A Choice

Yet, this is not going to be the same as when one always kept their views to themselves. When this happens, it will typically be something that they choose to do, as opposed to something that they feel they have to do.

Nevertheless, once one experiences life in this way, they could find that there is something else that they have to consider. And if they were to speak to people who have been able to speak their mind for quite some time, they might find that they are already aware of this.

A Modern Day Problem

One could find that they need to be careful what they say, as it could cause them to offend other people. It would be easy to dismiss this and to say that that is part of life, but this is something that can lead to severe consequences in today’s world.

For example, there are people who have lost their job or even been arrested for what they have said online. It then wouldn’t be a good idea to tell someone to simply throw caution to the wind and to say whatever they want.